change url of already opened popup

Is it possible to change the url of the popup.

Assume I open a popup:

function pop1(){'','wind1');   

Can the url of the popup window 'wind1' be changed to say ''. Something with location.href or any other solution.


var w1 ='','wind1');


in the new popup window use this :

$(document).ready(function(){ window.parent.location="" })


For me, as I was changing just the end of the url (parameters part), I used a little trick: Loading a different url before using the new similar url. I chose to use 'about:blank', but any website url could be used.

self.location = "about:blank";
self.location = desired_url;

//this code works fine both in Mozilla Firefox as in Chrome

Notice that just location = site; does the same as location.href = site.
I use location.href only to READ the current url.


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