onclick=“location.href='link.html'” does not load page in Safari

I cannot get onclick="location.href='link.html'" to load a new page in Safari (5.0.4).

I am building a drop-down navigation menu using the <select> and <option> HTML tags. I am using the onclick handler to load a new page after a menu-item is clicked, but nothing happens in Safari. (I have successfully tested in FF & Opera.) I know that there are many onclick bugs in Safari, but I haven't found any solutions that address this specific issue.

You can see a sample of my code below:

    <option onclick="location.href='unit_01.htm'">Unit 1</option>


    <option onclick="location.href='#5.2'">Bookmark 2</option>

I do not (and prefer not) to have any javascript embedded in the head section of my HTML. I am developing the page for someone who does not know how to use javascript--so the simpler the code, the better.)

What JavaScript code would make the menu-item clickable in all-browsers? (Please verify compatibility with IE.)



Use jQuery....I know you say you're trying to teach someone javascript, but teach him a cleaner technique... for instance, I could:

<select id="navigation">
    <option value="unit_01.htm">Unit 1</option>
    <option value="#5.2">Bookmark 2</option>

And with a little jQuery, you could do:

    document.location.href = $(this).val();

Unobtrusive, and with clean separation of logic and UI.


Try this:


Worked fine for me in Firefox, Chrome and IE (wow!!)


Give this a go:

<option onclick="parent.location='#5.2'">Bookmark 2</option>

You can try this:

 <a href="link.html">
       <input type="button" value="Visit Page" />

This will create button inside a link and it works on any browser


I had the same error. Make sure you don't have any <input>, <select>, etc. name="location".



<select onchange="location=this.value">
    <option value="unit_01.htm">Unit 1</option>
    <option value="#5.2" selected >Bookmark 2</option>


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