Extract image src from a string

I'm trying to match all the images elements as strings,

This is my regex:


This works, but I want to extract the src of all the images. So when I execute the regular expression on this String:

<img src="http://static2.ccn.com/ccs/2013/02/img_example.jpg />

it returns:




You need to use a capture group () to extract the urls, and if you're wanting to match globally g, i.e. more than once, when using capture groups, you need to use exec in a loop (match ignores capture groups when matching globally).

For example

var m,
    urls = [], 
    str = '<img src="http://site.org/one.jpg />\n <img src="http://site.org/two.jpg />',
    rex = /<img[^>]+src="?([^"\s]+)"?\s*\/>/g;

while ( m = rex.exec( str ) ) {
    urls.push( m[1] );

console.log( urls ); 
// [ "http://site.org/one.jpg", "http://site.org/two.jpg" ]
var myRegex = /<img[^>]+src="(http:\/\/[^">]+)"/g;
var test = '<img src="http://static2.ccn.com/ccs/2013/02/CC_1935770_challenge_accepted_pack_x3_indivisible.jpg" />';

As Mathletics mentioned in a comment, there are other more straightforward ways to retrieve the src attribute from your <img> tags such as retrieving a reference to the DOM node via id, name, class, etc. and then just using your reference to extract the information you need. If you need to do this for all of your <img> elements, you can do something like this:

var imageTags = document.getElementsByTagName("img"); // Returns array of <img> DOM nodes
var sources = [];
for (var i in imageTags) {
   var src = imageTags[i].src;

However, if you have some restriction forcing you to use regex, then the other answers provided will work just fine.


Perhaps this is what you are looking for:

What I did is slightly modified your regex then used the exec function to get array of matched strings. if you have more then 1 match the other matches will be on results[2], results[3]...

var html = '<img src="http://static2.ccn.com/ccs/2013/02/CC_1935770_challenge_accepted_pack_x3_indivisible.jpg" />';

var re = /<img[^>]+src="http:\/\/([^">]+)/g
var results = re.exec(html);

var source = results[1];

You can access the src value using groups

                                                   |->captured in group 1
var yourRegex=/<img[^>]+src\s*=\s*"(http://static2.ccn.com/ccs[^">]+)/g;
var match = yourRegex.exec(yourString);
alert(match[1]);//src value


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