How do I animate a protovis streamgraph?

I'm having trouble figuring out how to animate a protovis streamgraph. I think the best way is to simply pass an array of i, j indexes to .layers() and have the .x() and .y() functions look up the actual updating values. Is there a simpler way?



Couldn't you just update the data before every render? Assuming that the data has changed, I'm not sure I see the benefit to doing it otherwise, as I think the whole vis will need to re-render.

function getData(offset) {
   // get/create your data here, maybe seeded with an offset

var offset = 0;

// ... define scales and stuff

var vis = new pv.Panel()

     // wrap in a function to re-evaluate on render
    .layers(function() getData(offset))

// use setInterval to animate
setInterval(function() { 
    offset++; // still working on the offset idea
}, 20);

This seems to work, though it really depends what kind of animation you're looking to create - there may be more efficient approaches for some kinds of animation.


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