HTML5 input type=number value is empty in Webkit if has spaces or non-numeric characters?

This is strange behavior to me but on Webkit browsers (Chrome/Safari, not Firefox) if I include a space in a string of numbers in an <input type=number> then the value of that input is empty.

See this JSFiddle:

Here's the code:

<input id='withOutspace' type='number' value='123'>
<input id='with_space' type='number' value='123 123'>

    alert("withOut:"+$('#withOutspace').val()+" |||| with:"+$('#with_space').val());

If you go to this JSFiddle, you'll notice that the with_space input is empty. But if you put it in it a number that has a space or any non-numeric characters, the alert will say that input is empty.

Obviously, this is a disaster for form validation with credit card numbers, etc. so does anyone have a hack for this?



The hack is to use type="tel" instead of type="number".

This solves the 2 main issues:

  1. It pulls up a number keypad on mobile devices
  2. It validates (and is not empty) with numbers or non-numbers as input.

Please see this JSFiddle:


I can suggest two ways. 1. Prevent chars in input

# updated to support more numerical characters related
$(window).keydown(function(e) {
  if($('input[type=number]').index($(!=-1) {
      ($.inArray(e.keyCode, [48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,96,97,98,99,100,101,102,103,104,105,8,13,190,189]) == -1) // digits, digits in num pad, 'back', 'enter', '.', '-'
      || (e.keyCode == 190 && $(".") != -1) // not allow double dot '.'
      || (e.keyCode == 190 && $( == 0) // not allow dot '.' at the begining
    ) {

or 2. Change input's type on fly

$('input[type=number]').focus(function() {
    $(this).prop('type', 'text');

this allows to put whatever you want and change its type back onblur

$(this).blur(function() {
    $(this).prop('type', 'number');

But still you cannot store nonnumerical values in input with type=number, so val() will always return you empty string if it meets char or space.

So, at least you have to remove all garbage with .replace(/[^\d]/g, '') - that means "remove all except numbers" before you change type back

In my example I show both methods + clear input values.


A way to control input number is to set it empty on blur when you can't read value

static formattedDecimalInput(input, maxScale, allowEmpty = true) {
    input = $(input);

    input.on("blur", function(e) {
        var inputVal = input.val();

        if(inputVal != "" || !allowEmpty) {
            if(inputVal == "") {
                inputVal = "0";
            var number = Number(inputVal);
        } else {

You can formatted it by the way, and if you have invalid char on server side you can send a bad request response.

If you want a requiered field, you can just check if the input is empty with javascript before your server call

It is not really the answer of the initial question but I was looking for a user friendly control for this type of input when I arrived here


You're setting a numeric input field to a string which is not a number. What did you expect to happen? The whole point is that these fields don't allow or accept non-numeric input. They are documented as only accepting a floating point value.

There is no "hack" available or required; the solution is to stop using a number input field for a value that isn't a number. Credit cards, phone numbers, etc; these things are not numbers. They contain digits as a subset of the valid characters, but they also contain completely non-numeric characters like spaces, hyphens and parenthesis. They need to be stored and treated as regular strings.

Use <input type="text"/>.


My hack for this problem includes the following (i use jQuery validators):

    $(document).on('keyup', '[type="number"]', function () {
        if (this.validity.badInput) {
            $(this).attr('data-badinput', true);

Later in validator method i do this:

    $.validator.addMethod('isInteger', function (value, element, parameterValue) {
        if ($(element).attr('data-badinput')) {
            //We know nasty browser always clears incorrect input, so empty string will look OK next time
            return false;
        return !value || /^-?\d+$/.test(value);


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