Http failure during parsing Angular 5

Receiving HTTP Failure during parsing in Angular. Goal is to download a csv file from the api response


downloadFile(data) {
  const blob = new Blob([data], { type: 'text/csv' });
  const url = window.URL.createObjectURL(blob);;

getFileDownload(): void {
  this.iportalUploadService.getFileDownload(this.fileName).subscribe(data => {
    this.fileDownload = data;


private fileDownloadUrl = 'file-transfer/validationErrorsCSV';

formHtppOptions(params): any {
  const httpOptions = {
    headers: { 'Application-Token': this.getToken() },
    params: params,
  return httpOptions;

getFileDownload(fileName): Observable < Object > {
  const baseUrl = this.getBaseUrl();
  return this.http.get<Object>(baseUrl + this.fileDownloadUrl, this.formHtppOptions({ fileName: fileName }));

Below is the console error I am receiving console error

Response format Photo Response photo



You are getting this error because your response is not in JSON format. You are trying to convert it into an object and CSV text cannot be parsed to a proper json object. Here is what you might want to do:

  getFileDownload(fileName):  Observable<any> {
    const baseUrl = this.getBaseUrl();
    return this.http.get(baseUrl + this.fileDownloadUrl, this.formHtppOptions({fileName: fileName})).pipe(map((data:any) => this.converter.ToJson(data)));

Usually, I have a "converter" service that does this kind of parsing. You can make use of papa parse, or parse yourself by looping through the response.

Update: Here is an example of manually parsing the response:

Have a look at the above blog post.


I resolved this issue by adding responseType: 'text' in formhttpOtions.


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