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changed to

<p href="page.html" class="class1 class2" id="thisid">Text</p>

I'm familiar with jQuery's replaceWith but that doesn't keep attributes/content as far as I know.

Note: Why would p have a href? Cuz I need to change p back to a on another event.



try this:

var $a = $('a#thisid');
var ahref = $a.attr('href');
var aclass = $a.attr('class');
var aid = $a.attr('id');
var atext = $a.text();
$a.replaceWith('<p href="'+ ahref +'" class="'+ aclass +'" id="'+ aid+'">'+ atext +'</p>');

Here is a more generic method:

// New type of the tag
var replacementTag = 'p';

// Replace all a tags with the type of replacementTag
$('a').each(function() {
    var outer = this.outerHTML;

    // Replace opening tag
    var regex = new RegExp('<' + this.tagName, 'i');
    var newTag = outer.replace(regex, '<' + replacementTag);

    // Replace closing tag
    regex = new RegExp('</' + this.tagName, 'i');
    newTag = newTag.replace(regex, '</' + replacementTag);


You can try the code here:


Here is a method I use to replace html tags in jquery:

// Iterate over each element and replace the tag while maintaining attributes
$('a').each(function() {

  // Create a new element and assign it attributes from the current element
  var NewElement = $("<p />");
  $.each(this.attributes, function(i, attrib){
    $(NewElement).attr(, attrib.value);

  // Replace the current element with the new one and carry over the contents
  $(this).replaceWith(function () {
    return $(NewElement).append($(this).contents());


I would also typically restrict it to a specific class, such as $('a.class1').each(function() for the example above.


It's better to create jQuery plugin for future re-usability:

(function (a) {
    a.fn.replaceTagName = function (f) {
        var g = [],
            h = this.length;
        while (h--) {
            var k = document.createElement(f),
                b = this[h],
                d = b.attributes;
            for (var c = d.length - 1; c >= 0; c--) {
                var j = d[c];
                k.setAttribute(, j.value)
            k.innerHTML = b.innerHTML;
            g[h - 1] = k
        return a(g)


// Replace given object tag's name

Example: JSFiddle


hacky that do the trick

var p = $('a').wrapAll('<div class="replace"></div>');

var a = $('div').map(function(){
    return this.innerHTML;
}).get().join(' ');


demo ?


I made it into one plain-javascript function:

function ReplaceTags(Original, Replace){
     var oarr = document.getElementsByTagName(Original);
     for(i=0; oarr.length < i; i++){
var html = oarr[i].outerHTML;
oarr[i].outerHTML = (html.replace(Original, Replace));

If you want to replace only a specific tag, just delete the for loop:

function ReplaceTag(Original, Replace, customi){ 
// If customi = 0 the first appearance will get replaced
var i = customi;
    if(i == undefined)
var oarr = document.getElementsByTagName(Original);
var html = oarr[i].outerHTML;
oarr[i].outerHTML = (html.replace(Original, Replace));



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