how to display base64 encoded pdf?

I have to display base64 pdf in new tab. I am using below code

 var windo ="", "");  
 var objbuilder = '';
 objbuilder += ('<embed width=\'100%\' height=\'100%\'  src="data:application/pdf;base64,');
 objbuilder += (fileData);
 objbuilder += ('" type="application/pdf" />');

It is working in FireFox and not working in Chrome and IE. I even tried with tag, but same output, working in FF but not in Chrome and IE.

I look into below JsFiddles, for which are working in FF but not in Chrome,

My Chrome version is : Version 54.0.2840.99 m

FireFox Version : 49.0.2

Is any one have any idea, please share.

Thanks in Advance



It should work with Chrome you can use

<iframe src="data:base64...">

<object data="data:base64...">

I've faces same issue with IE: it's impossible to display a pdf with a base64 string.

I had to generate temporary files on the server for display them with IE he only display existing file by using a path.

You still can use JS library to display your pdf like PDF.js.


for those who still can't do it, i found this in someone else answer, but i don't remember who...

var objbuilder = '';
objbuilder += ('<object width="100%" height="100%" 
objbuilder += (myBase64string);
objbuilder += ('" type="application/pdf" class="internal">');
objbuilder += ('<embed src="data:application/pdf;base64,');
objbuilder += (myBase64string);
objbuilder += ('" type="application/pdf"  />');
objbuilder += ('</object>');

var win ="#","_blank");
var title = "my tab title";
win.document.write('<html><title>'+ title +'</title><body style="margin-top: 
0px; margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px;">');
layer = jQuery(win.document);

this way we open the pdf in a new tab.

function printPreview(data){
        var type = 'application/pdf';
        let blob = null;
        const blobURL = URL.createObjectURL( pdfBlobConversion(data, 'application/pdf'));
        const theWindow =;
        const theDoc = theWindow.document;
        const theScript = document.createElement('script');
        function injectThis() {
        theScript.innerHTML = 'window.onload = ${injectThis.toString()};';
  //converts base64 to blob type for windows
    function pdfBlobConversion(b64Data, contentType) {
          contentType = contentType || '';
          var sliceSize = 512;
          b64Data = b64Data.replace(/^[^,]+,/, '');
          b64Data = b64Data.replace(/\s/g, '');
          var byteCharacters = window.atob(b64Data);
          var byteArrays = [];

          for ( var offset = 0; offset < byteCharacters.length; offset = offset + sliceSize ) {
            var slice = byteCharacters.slice(offset, offset + sliceSize);

            var byteNumbers = new Array(slice.length);
            for (var i = 0; i < slice.length; i++) {
              byteNumbers[i] = slice.charCodeAt(i);

            var byteArray = new Uint8Array(byteNumbers);


          var blob = new Blob(byteArrays, { type: contentType });
          return blob;

pass base64 data to this function and it will show the pdf in new window. This is working in chrome and firefox not in IE. Any help Please. I want it to work in IE also. Its giving error where I give the bloburl to window.


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