ng-click not working in dynamically created content

I have this function in Angular where I add a new slide with a ng-click in it.

var addSlide = function($scope, slideIndex, $event) {
  var slider = angular.element('.slick-slider');
  var currentSlide = slider.slick('slickCurrentSlide');
  slider.slick('slickAdd', '<div class="slide" ng-click="addPhoto(); $event.stopPropagation();"><input type="file" class="camera-trigger" accept="image/*"><img class="photo-img" src="" /></div>');

Unfortunately dynamically created ng-click events don't work (ng-click not working from dynamically generated HTML), how can I fix this in my case, since it's a function inside a controller, instead of a directive?



you need to add $compile service here, that will bind the angular directives like ng-click to your controller scope.Something like:

var divTemplate = '..your div template';
var temp = $compile(divTemplate)($scope); 

Then append it to the HTML:


You can also bind the event to the div as following:

 var div = angular.element("divID");
 div.bind('click', $scope.addPhoto());


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