Permission denied to access property in IFRAME

I have a link in my jsp page .

the link looks like this

<a href="javascript:doSomething('abc.ff' , 'abc.ff?m=1')">

the javascript code

    function doSomething(url, url_progress){
    parent.win1.location.href = url;    
    /* Wait until something surely has started! */
    window.setTimeout("this.startFinally()", 1000); 
    this.startFinally = function (){
    location.href = url_progress;

When the user clinks on this clinks everything works fine. Now recently I put this code inside a Iframe and then nothing happens. I checked with firebug and got this error :

   Permission denied to access property 'win1'
   [Break On This Error] parent.win1.location.href = url; 

What can be the problem?



It's possibly the same origin policy kicking in. Is everything served from the same host/port?


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