Client-side “Feature Tour” (tutorial/instructional) overlay system? [closed]

Is there a system/framework in existence which focuses on providing tutorial / help like overlays in the browser?

Example: You have a webapp which requires a certain level of instruction to the user. In this instruction process you wish to "highlight" (e.g. arrow, colour shading, pulsing border, etc) a certain element on the page, with an accompanied message.

This would be a true overlay, so it would function only in absolute positioning, and not interfere with the existing layout.

I'm looking for an existing solution, before I consider rolling my own.



Thanks to Johnson for giving me a good term to Google with (sans ridiculous false positives).

Here is a list of "feature tour" solutions I've found:

I'm sure there are more out there. These solutions can make it far easier for a developer to implement better feature introductions to users.


More into addition of the list we can use lightweight library


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