How to replace…) with a POST

I currently have some code that runs a line. As far as I'm aware, this is going to force me to use a GET request. I would like to do this with a POST request. Is there a workaround for this?

I'm not married to, either. I'm open to just about any alternative that allows me to spawn a new window via a POST request instead of a GET.



In fact I made a small "library" for this, open in POST a new window :

// Arguments :
//  verb : 'GET'|'POST'
//  target : an optional opening target (a name, or "_blank"), defaults to "_self" = {
    open: function(verb, url, data, target){
        var form = document.createElement("form");
        form.action = url;
        form.method = verb; = target || "_self";
        if (data) {
            for (var key in data) {
                var input = document.createElement("textarea");
       = key;
                input.value = typeof data[key] === "object"
                    ? JSON.stringify(data[key])
                    : data[key];
        } = 'none';

Example :'POST', 'fileServer.jsp', {request: {key:"42", cols:[2, 3, 34]}});

To open in a new window, set the target parameter :'POST', someURL, someArgs, 'newwin');

or to ensure it's a new window/tab each time :'POST', someURL, someArgs, '_blank');

What I do is that I do a javascript AJAX post and then I take the content that I get back and place it into a new window.

Something like this (using jQuery, but you can use any AJAX implementation):

$.post(URL, DATA, function(d){
    var new_window =;


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