JavaScript flowchart / flow diagram lib [closed]

Are there any javascript libraries for client-side rendering and manipulation of flow-charts? My preference would be for jQuery, but I'd settle for others.

This question has been asked before, but not for a couple of years so I'm hoping there's a more positive answer now!

The question has been asked again and now the most upvoted and most complete version of this question and answers is here: Graph visualization library in JavaScript



The following JavaScript libraries may help :)


mxGraph, which is written in plain JavaScript, so you could wrap it in jQuery or any JS framework. It's Apache 2.0 licensed.


I'd recommend Raphaël for this.

Sweet sexy demo:


For me, WireIt looks like the best bet. Mentioned also here: Designing a Yahoo Pipes inspired interface


Extjs lib. An example online flow chart build with extjs

And online flow chart help document here.


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