Is it possible to wait until all javascript files are loaded before executing javascript code?

We have several JavaScript files which we load at the bottom of the master page. However, I have the situation that I need to perform some JavaScript before the other scripts are loaded. Is it possible to wait till all the JavaScript files are loaded and then execute some JavaScript code?

I thought $(document).ready() did this, but as it turns out, it doesn't. Of course we can move the script files from the bottom to the top, but I am wondering if it's possible what I want.



You can use

$(window).on('load', function() {
    // your code here

Which will wait until the page is loaded. $(document).ready() waits until the DOM is loaded


You can use .getScript() and run your code after it loads:

 $.getScript("my_lovely_script.js", function(){

    alert("Script loaded and executed.");
    // here you can use anything you defined in the loaded script


You can see a better explanation here: How do I include a JavaScript file in another JavaScript file?


You can use <script>'s defer attribute. It specifies that the script will be executed when the page has finished parsing.

<script defer src="path/to/yourscript.js">

A nice article about this:

Browser support seems pretty good:


Expanding a bit on @Eruant's answer,

$(window).on('load', function() {
    // your code here

Works very well with both async and defer while loading on scripts.

So you can import all scripts like this:

<script src="/js/script1.js" async defer></script>
<script src="/js/script2.js" async defer></script>
<script src="/js/script3.js" async defer></script>

Just make sure script1 doesn't call functions from script3 before $(window).on('load' ..., make sure to call them inside window load event.

More about async/defer here.


Thats work for me:

var jsScripts = [];

jsScripts.push("/js/script1.js" );
jsScripts.push("/js/script2.js" );
jsScripts.push("/js/script3.js" );

$(jsScripts).each(function( index, value ) {
    $.holdReady( true );
    $.getScript( value ).done(function(script, status) {
        console.log('Loaded ' + index + ' : ' + value + ' (' + status + ')');                
        $.holdReady( false );


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