How to get the content of a Tinymce textarea with JavaScript

i have an array of content then how we get content of Tinymce textarea in javascript



lets say your mce textarea instance is:

<textarea id="editor1" ....></textarea>

then you get the content as follows:

var content =  tinyMCE.getContent('editor1');

if you mean you have multiple instances of mce editor on one page and you want to get content then try this approach:

var inst, contents = new Object();
for (inst in tinyMCE.editors) {
    if (tinyMCE.editors[inst].getContent)
        contents[inst] = tinyMCE.editors[inst].getContent();

the above code adds each editor content into an array


I solved it with code:

// Get the HTML contents of the currently active editor

// Get the raw contents of the currently active editor
tinyMCE.activeEditor.getContent({format : 'raw'});

// Get content of a specific editor:
tinyMCE.get('content id').getContent()

the activeEditor is current editor,but i use tinyMCE.get('editor1').getContent() can not get the value of my editor, hope it can help you

Tinymce API:


I had the same problem. I have solved using this code:


Source: spocke is the author


You may use:


In my case (v4.3.12), none of the above worked, so I did a workaround:

Html code:

<div id="wrapper">
    <textarea id="editable_container" name="editable_container"></textarea>

JQuery code:

var iframe = $('#editable_container_ifr');
var editorContent = $('#tinymce[data-id="editable_container"]', iframe.contents()).html();

Where editable_container is my tinyMCE editor's placeholder textarea, the editable area's iframe id is generated from adding a _ifr postfix to the placeholder's id, and the content-editable container (which contains the formatted text), has an id tinymce with a data-id attribute of the placeholder's id.


This work for me for version 4 (9.8):

var Content = tinyMCE.editors['Your_ID'].getContent();

If you are more familiar with (and are using the jquery wrapper), you can also do this using this:


Where (editor1) is your selector.


Use the getContent() method from the TinyMCE API.

Let’s say you have initialized the editor on a textarea with id=”myTextarea”. First access the editor using that same id, then call getContent(). For example:

var myContent = tinymce.get('#myTextarea').getContent();

Or, instead of accessing the editor by id, you can access the active editor:

var myContent = tinymce.activeEditor.getContent();

If want to get the TinyMCE content without the HTML tags, you can pass in a parameter to indicate that you want the result in plaintext. For example:

var myContent = tinymce.get('#myTextarea').getContent({format: 'text'});

More info and examples here:




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