How to reset Meteor AutoForm when page changed?

I have page with text fields, this fields are required. I click 'submit' with empty fields => fields with red border (because it is required). Then I change page and return back => borders are still shown. How to reset meteor AutoForm when page changed? Thanks.



If you want to clear existing validation errors, you need to call AutoForm.resetForm("form-id");. You could put this call inside the Template.myTemplate.onDestroyed function, which will be triggered when the template is removed from the DOM and destroyed, i.e. on route change.

For instance:

Template.myTemplate.onDestroyed(function () {

Or you could use routing hooks (assuming you use Iron Router):

var myResetFormFunction = function () {

Router.onStop(myResetFormFunction, {
    only: ['routeOne']


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