jQuery form submit() is not working in IE6?

I want to submit a with using jquery as below;


Its working perfect in all browsers except IE6.

How to make it work in IE6 ??



You probably have an <input name="submit" /> somewhere in your form, which overwrites the function "submit" of the form in IE.


I have tested in some other browsers. The latest versions of all major browsers seem to be affected by this issue.

  • IE - all versions
  • Firefox 4+
  • Chrome at least since version 12
  • Opera at least since version 11

Bottom line: Never name your inputs "submit", or any other default property or method of the form element (e.g. "action" or "reset") . See MDC for a complete overview.


I had a similar problem when I was about to submit the form via an A-element. I had set the href attribute to "javascript:;" to let the main jQuery script handle the actual submit but it just wouldn't work in IE6.

jQuery main script:


My solution was to change the href attribute from "javascript:;" to "#".


You could try $("#formid").trigger("submit"), though I doubt it'll give you a different result.


I've recently had a similar issue, where I was creating a "pseudo-form" within an ASP.NET server form (so I couldn't use another form tag), which I wanted to post to another domain without needing to write server-side code to do the remote post. Easy answer - create a form on the fly and submit it. Works in good browsers...

After some trials and tribulations, I realised that IE won't work as expected (what a surprise) unless the form that is being submitted has been added to DOM. So, this was my solution. I hope it helps some of you. Please be aware, all of my inputs and my submit were in the same container. ".post-to" is a hidden input with the URL.

$(".post-form").click(function(ev) {

    var postto = $(this).siblings(".post-to").val();    
    var form = document.createElement("form")
    $(form).attr("id", "reg-form").attr("name", "reg-form").attr("action", postto).attr("method", "post").attr("enctype", "multipart/form-data");

    $(this).siblings("input:text").each(function() {


    return false;

Eventually, it works a treat.


Don't forget to return false; if you're on an tag


Add a button in your form with type="submit"



Just add a

}, 300);

$('.bt_ok').bind('click', function() {
    return false;


Add after: return false; for IE6


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