How to pause a HTML5 video on an event?

I am building a website with HTML5-<video> in fullscreen background. There are pages in shape of <div>s becoming visible with SWF-container player in them that cause serious CPU performance issues when both media play. So I want to add a simple javascript command that pauses the background video when a project-<div> becomes visible. Would be nice if it resumes again the playback when it gets closed/hidden.

Thanks in advance.



Note that there is no stop() method. In the function that shows/hides your DIV, place the play/pause function there.

More resources here:


My personal favourite is a small onclick handler added to html attribute, like this:

<video onclick="this.paused? : this.pause()">

since there are not traditional events on div hide/show you have to play() and pause() your video element when you call the functions that make your div appear/disappear


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