Reconciling ASP.NET script bundles and source maps

Is there any way to set up the default System.Web.Optimization.ScriptBundle to generate source maps for the bundled and minified files? Is there an equivalent solution, other than having to pre-generate the bundles and source maps before each build?



It looks like in the meantime some kind soul has released a custom class that does exactly what I need.

You can get his source at


Nothing built in yet, although I wish it was. That being said, if you don't have to use the built in optimizer you could opt for Web essentials found here and use it to create bundles with map files for you. These bundles are kept up to date as you save changes to the source js files so you would not need to recreate the bundles per build.

Right click on any script file once web essentials is installed, select the web essentials option at the top of the context menu, and select minify javascript file. Alternatively you can select multiple javascript files and use web essentials to create a bundle in the same fashion.


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