Java script files are not showing in debug mode in broweser in odoo 9

Java script files are not showing in debug mode in browser in odoo 9

Hi, I try to debuy my own javascript in browser and unable to find that in the browser's js source list. I used to see all the js files in debug mode in both firefox and chrome browser earlier. Not sure what went wrong. Please find my environment details.

OS: Windows 8 IDE: Eclipse Mars, Eclipse Neon, Pycharm Community Edition 2017.2.1 Odoo build version : All versions Browsers Tried : Firefox, Chrome

And FYI i'm building from odoo source. Thanks for your help.



Go to Settings -> Dashboard

Then in the right side you'll see a link saying "Activate Developer Mode with assets". Click on that and after that you can debug the JavaScript in the browser.

You can also try writing '?debug=assets' in your URL, just after the web word will allow you to enable the debug mode.

Your URL now will be something like this



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