Limit items in a .map loop

I would like to ask how can I limit my .map loop for example to a 5 items only because currently when I access an api it returns 20 items. but I want to display only 5. Mostly that I found is just looping all throughout the array of objects and not limiting it to a number of items.

Note: I have no control on the API because I'm just using the moviedb api

Here's my code:

var film = => {
  return <FilmItem key={} film={item} />

return film;



You could use Array#slice and take only the elements you need.

var film =, 5).map((item) => {
        return <FilmItem key={} film={item} />

return film;

If you do not neet the original array anymore, you could mutate the array with seting length to 5 and iterate then.


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