Graphic Equalizer in Javascript with maximum compatibility

I need to make some sort of visualisation for while music is playing through a html5 player, I've been looking at the audio API and found that some parts work only on chrome, some only on firefox.

I'm not that bothered about internet explorer but I need some kind of solution for the other two, does anyone know of a plugin or even some sort of tutorial where I could start? Ideally this would be using javascript, avoiding extra flash applets if possible, Thanks.

Edit: Just to clarify, I have MP3/OGA files and I would like to get some kind of visual output while they are playing.



You should check out this article: Visualising elements with the Web Audio API (see: demo).

The Web Audio API specification is currently in a draft stage but will eventually become the W3C standard. Firefox currently only supports the incompatible, Mozilla-specific Audio Data API, but it is marked as "deprecated" in favor of the Web Audio API. Unfortunately work has not yet started on the new Web Audio API in Firefox. The Bugzilla bug 779297 was created to track progress on implementing this standard.

TL;DR You cannot get audio visualizations working cross-browser without Flash at the moment. The Web Audio API is the future.


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