Synchronous console logging in Chrome

Is it posible to make logging to the console synchronous? I often run into situations where the code execution is faster than dumping the structures. That resolves in outputting already changed objects.

I sure can walk through the code with debugger, make unit tests etc., it's just often convenient to simply console.log stuff just to make a general idea of what is going on.



You could create a copy of the object before passing it to console.log. Look here for a function to create a deep copy of your object.


Now implemented in Chrome, see here


I just got caught by this behaviour, spent some hours until I realized the console is borked, not my code. damn.

Until now I only managed to get expected behaviour with:


nice side effect is, it expands the objects like {0: "a", 3: "b"}


Put a breakpoint(see image below) at console.log statement and use controls to step over to next.

enter image description here


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