verticesNeedUpdate in Three.js

I want to use dat.GUI to manipulate the coordinates of a mesh vertices.

At first I thought I could have removed every frame my meshes to recreate them anew, but then I saw here that it's not a good way.

Is verticesNeedUpdate that I should use? It seems not to be on Three.js documentation



If your geometry is THREE.Geometry, then your can update the vertices by using a pattern like so:

geometry.vertices[ 0 ].set( x, y, z );

geometry.verticesNeedUpdate = true;

If your geometry is THREE.BufferGeometry, then you can use this pattern:

geometry.attributes.position.setXYZ( index, x, y, z );

geometry.attributes.position.needsUpdate = true;

In either case, you only need to set the needsUpdate flag if the geometry has been previously-rendered.

Also, you cannot resize buffers; you can only change the data values. See the Wiki article How to Update Things for additional information.

three.js r.85


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