window.close() doesn't work on Firefox, any work around?

I am trying to close a window using window.close() but this works on IE only but not on Firefox. Has anyone encountered this one and any work around?




Did your script open the window? Firefox 2 and later do not allow scripts to close windows that they did not open.

You could try this trick, but I have no idea whether it will work. I live on the side of the population that believes users should be in control of their browser windows, not applications (despite the fact you may have a good reason for this).


I had the same problem and used this recently. Hope it helps.


This is a security feature added in FF. You can see that this has been deliberately not allowed from Mozilla site docs.

This method is only allowed to be called for windows that were opened by a script using the method.


window.close(); worked for me (FF 31.5.0). However, in order for me to get it to work I had to change the advanced settings:

about:config -> dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows = true;


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