Where are cookies saved for a local HTML file?

I created an HTML file on my desktop and added some JavaScript to set and clear cookies.

Now my question is, will the cookie be saved in my browser? Can I read it back?

if Yes,

  • For which domain will it be saved?

  • How can I see it in Google Chrome? (HTML run on Chrome)



Unfortunately some browsers including Google Chrome do not store cookies from local web pages:

Firefox has great developer plugins for cookie management, which report their domains, access paths and expiry:

For local development purposes you can setup a development domain like "localhost" or "myfakedomain.com" and run your files on a local server.


  • Editing Hosts File [operating system]
  • Setup Local server on [operating system] (I use xampp)

If you're running the 'site' on a local webserver then it should be stored in your browser under 'localhost'. If however you're just opening a static HTML file Chrome will not store the cookie.

In Chrome you can use the Chrome Developer Tools and look under the 'Resources' tab.


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