Renaming a field in an object

If I have the following object:

JsonObj = {
    "frames": {
        "cinema": {
            "sourceSize": { "w": 256, "h": 200 },
            "frame": { "x": 0, "y": 0, "w": 256, "h": 192 }
        "tree": {
            "sourceSize": { "w": 128, "h": 110 },
            "frame": { "x": 0, "y": 302, "w": 70, "h": 96 }

This JSON object is parsed into the variable parsedJSON using this JavaScript code:

var parsedJSON = JSON.parse(JsonObj);

How would I rename the "frames" property in parsedJSON to something else?



Set the somethingElse as a reference to what frames points to, then delete frames.

parsedJSON.somethingElse = parsedJSON.frames;
delete parsedJSON.frames;

The important thing here is that frames is simply a pointer to an object; if you delete the frames pointer, somethingElse still references a valid object.

Also note there's no such thing as a "JSON object"; you have a JSON representation of an object, which is a string, or you have an object (which can often be defined via object literal notation, which is often where the confusion lies).


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