Regular expression to match first and last character

I'm trying to use regex to check that the first and last characters in a string are alpha characters between a-z.

I know this matches the first character:


But how do I then check for the last character as well?



does not work. And I suspect there should be something in between the two clauses, but I don't know what!



The below regex will match the strings that start and end with an alpha character.


The a string also starts and ends with an alpha character, right? Then you have to use the below regex.




^             #  Represents beginning of a line.
[a-z]         #  Alphabetic character.
.*            #  Any character 0 or more times.
[a-z]         #  Alphabetic character.
$             #  End of a line.
i             #  Case-insensitive match.
g             #  Global.
m             #  Multiline

You can do it as follows to check for the first and last characters and then anything in between:




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