Angular Rails Templates just not working

I am following thinker's tutorials ( on using angular+rails. everything is fine until I try to use angular-rails-templates to put templates in javascript folder. I am new to rails so I don't know how this gem works. but I did follow the tutorial multiple times and still not working.

To sum up, it seems that the 'templates' module injected into angular app is not compiling those templates into templateCache, or the application.js file is ignoring all the files with .html extension.

here is my code on github:



The solution I found was here:

It is a sprockets incompatibility but 2.1.3 works so use this in your Gemfile:

gem 'sprockets', '2.12.3'

(and obviously a bundle update sprockets would be required)


It is enough by doing

bundle update

as the library is looking for sprockets ~> 2


In case Rails serves a 404 error pointing to your template file, make sure to name your template different than the .js file you are using it in.

The template service needs to be able to distinguish between my_directive.js and my_directive.html compiled to the template cache in .js. You should name your template differently, eg. my_directive_template.html.


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