Splitting a string into chunks by numeric or alpha char with Javascript

So I have this:

var str = A123B234C456;

I need to split it into comma separated chunks to return something like this:


I thought regex would be best for this but i keep getting stuck, essentially I tried to do a string replace but you cannot use regex in the second argument

I would love to keep it simple and clean and do something like this but it does not work:

str = str.replace(/[\d]+/, ","+/[\d]+/);  

but in the real world that would be too simple.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!



It may be more sensible to match the characters and then join them:

str = str.match(/(\d+|[^\d]+)/g).join(',');

But don't omit the quotes when you define the string:

var str = 'A123B234C456';

Hi You can do it by replace using regex for example

var str = "A123B234C456";
str = str.replace(/([a-bA-B])/g, '$1,');

now str value will be 'A,123,B234,C456';


String split method can be called with a regexp. If the regexp has a capture group, the separator will be kept in the resulting array. So here you go :

let c = "A123B234C456";
let stringsAndNumbers = c.split(/(\d+)/); // ["A","123","B","234","C","456",""]

Since your example ends with numbers, the last element will be empty. Remove empty array elements :

let stringsAndNumbers = c.split(/(\d+)/).filter(el => el != ""); // ["A","123","B","234","C","456"]

Then join :

let stringsAndNumbers = c.split(/(\d+)/).filter(el => el != "").join(","); // "A,123,B,234,C,456"


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