JSON response parsing in Javascript to get key/value pair [duplicate]

How can I get the name and value of each object in Javascript only?



There are two ways to access properties of objects:

var obj = {a: 'foo', b: 'bar'};

obj.a //foo
obj['b'] //bar

Or, if you need to dynamically do it:

var key = 'b';
obj[key] //bar

If you don't already have it as an object, you'll need to convert it.

For a more complex example, let's assume you have an array of objects that represent users:

var users = [{name: 'Corbin', age: 20, favoriteFoods: ['ice cream', 'pizza']},
             {name: 'John', age: 25, favoriteFoods: ['ice cream', 'skittle']}];

To access the age property of the second user, you would use users[1].age. To access the second "favoriteFood" of the first user, you'd use users[0].favoriteFoods[2].

Another example: obj[2].key[3]["some key"]

That would access the 3rd element of an array named 2. Then, it would access 'key' in that array, go to the third element of that, and then access the property name some key.

As Amadan noted, it might be worth also discussing how to loop over different structures.

To loop over an array, you can use a simple for loop:

var arr = ['a', 'b', 'c'],
for (i = 0; i < arr.length; ++i) {

To loop over an object is a bit more complicated. In the case that you're absolutely positive that the object is a plain object, you can use a plain for (x in obj) { } loop, but it's a lot safer to add in a hasOwnProperty check. This is necessary in situations where you cannot verify that the object does not have inherited properties. (It also future proofs the code a bit.)

var user = {name: 'Corbin', age: 20, location: 'USA'},

for (key in user) {
    if (user.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
        console.log(key + " = " + user[key]);

(Note that I've assumed whatever JS implementation you're using has console.log. If not, you could use alert or some kind of DOM manipulation instead.)


Try the JSON Parser by Douglas Crockford at github. You can then simply create a JSON object out of your String variable as shown below:

var JSONText = '{"c":{"a":[{"name":"cable - black","value":2},{"name":"case","value":2}]},"o":{"v":[{"name":"over the ear headphones - white/purple","value":1}]},"l":{"e":[{"name":"lens cleaner","value":1}]},"h":{"d":[{"name":"hdmi cable","value":1},{"name":"hdtv essentials (hdtv cable setup)","value":1},{"name":"hd dvd \u0026 blue-ray disc lens cleaner","value":1}]}'

var JSONObject = JSON.parse(JSONText);
var c = JSONObject["c"];
var o = JSONObject["o"];

Ok, here is the JS code:

var data = JSON.parse('{"c":{"a":{"name":"cable - black","value":2}}}')

for (var event in data) {
    var dataCopy = data[event];
    for (data in dataCopy) {
        var mainData = dataCopy[data];
        for (key in mainData) {
            if (key.match(/name|value/)) {
                alert('key : ' + key + ':: value : ' + mainData[key])


var yourobj={
    "a":[{"name":"cable - black","value":2},{"name":"case","value":2}]
    "v":[{"name":"over the ear headphones - white/purple","value":1}]
    "e":[{"name":"lens cleaner","value":1}]
    "d":[{"name":"hdmi cable","value":1},
         {"name":"hdtv essentials (hdtv cable setup)","value":1},
         {"name":"hd dvd \u0026 blue-ray disc lens cleaner","value":1}]
  • first of all it's a good idea to get organized
  • top level reference must be a more convenient name other that a..v... etc
  • in o.v,o.i.e no need for the array [] because it is one json entry

my solution

var obj = [];
for(n1 in yourjson)
    for(n1_1 in yourjson[n])
        for(n1_2 in yourjson[n][n1_1])
            obj[n1_2[name]] = n1_2[value];

Approved code

for(n1 in yourobj){
    for(n1_1 in yourobj[n1]){
    for(n1_2 in yourobj[n1][n1_1]){
            for(n1_3 in yourobj[n1][n1_1][n1_2]){


*You should use distinguish accessorizes when using [] method or dot notation



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