Adding click event for a button created dynamically using jQuery [duplicate]

How to add a button click event on a button that was added dynamically using jQuery?

The jQuery code that adds the dynamic buttons inside a div container:

$div = $('<div data-role="fieldcontain"/>');
$("<input type='button' value='Dynamic Button' id='btn_a' />").appendTo($div.clone()).appendTo('#pg_menu_content');

Question 1: How can I add a click event for the above button? I tried the below and it has not triggered

  alert ('button clicked');

Question 2: How can I get the value of the button inside the click event? For example I want to get the value 'Dynamic Button' inside the click event function.

Can you guys please help me on this.



Use a delegated event handler bound to the container:

$('#pg_menu_content').on('click', '#btn_a', function(){

That is, bind to an element that exists at the moment that the JS runs (I'm assuming #pg_menu_content exists when the page loads), and supply a selector in the second parameter to .on(). When a click occurs on #pg_menu_content element jQuery checks whether it applied to a child of that element which matches the #btn_a selector.

Either that or bind a standard (non-delegated) click handler after creating the button.

Either way, within the click handler this will refer to the button in question, so this.value will give you its value.



$(document).on("click", "#btn_a", function(){
  alert ('button clicked');

to add the listener for the dynamically created button.


will give you the value of the button


Just create a button element with jQuery, and add the event handler when you create it :

var div = $('<div />', {'data-role' : 'fieldcontain'}),
    btn = $('<input />', {
              type  : 'button',
              value : 'Dynamic Button',
              id    : 'btn_a',
              on    : {
                 click: function() {
                     alert ( this.value );

div.append(btn).appendTo( $('#pg_menu_content').empty() );



Question 1: Use .delegate on the div to bind a click handler to the button.

Question 2: Use $(this).val() or this.value (the latter would be faster) inside of the click handler. this will refer to the button.

$("#pg_menu_content").on('click', '#btn_a', function () {

$div = $('<div data-role="fieldcontain"/>');
$("<input type='button' value='Dynamic Button' id='btn_a' />").appendTo($div.clone()).appendTo('#pg_menu_content');


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