How to get rid of Connect 3.0 deprecation alert?

I'm a node.js developer who creates web apps using express.js. By now, my problem is:

Whenever I create an app on my computer, npm install its stuff and run it (with node app.js and nodemon) I get this message in the console:

connect.multipart() will be removed in connect 3.0
visit for alternatives
connect.limit() will be removed in connect 3.0
Express server listening on port 3000

The app works, that's fine. But when I clone an app created in other computer I don't get that message, so I'm supposing I have something outdated in my computer.

I went to the site mentioned in the message and confirmed my speculations. That is a deprecation warning. However, I've updated node and npm and globally express but I still getting the note.

My problem is, therefore: I don't know what do I need to update in order to get rid of the deprecation notes because they're freaking me out.

I hope someone can help me. Thanks a lot.



This is a warning that will go away once Express updates to use Connect 3.0 - as a temporary fix, follow the instructions at the top of Specifically, find this line in your app:


And replace it with the following (this is what bodyParser will be in 3.0):


i'm responsible for this deprecation notice. did you read the wiki?

step 1: use each parser directly instead of app.use(express.bodyParser());


step 2: use a different multipart parser, for e.g: connect-multiparty can be used


work on connect 3 and express 4 hasn't begun yet because node 0.12 is taking a while to be released. there's nothing to update, yet.


since express is just a wrapper to connect, i suggest using connect directly.

so instead of: app.use(express.bodyParser());


connect = require('connect');


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