How to detect the installed Chrome version?

I'm developing a Chrome extension and I'm wondering is there a way that I can detect which version of Chrome the user is using?



Get major version of Chrome as an integer:

function getChromeVersion () {     
    var raw = navigator.userAgent.match(/Chrom(e|ium)\/([0-9]+)\./);

    return raw ? parseInt(raw[2], 10) : false;

I've updated the original answer, so that it does not throw an exception in other browsers, and does not use deprecated features.

You can also set minimum_chrome_version in the manifest to not let users with older versions install it.


Here is a version, based on the answer from @serg, that extracts all of the elements of the version number:

function getChromeVersion () {
    var pieces = navigator.userAgent.match(/Chrom(?:e|ium)\/([0-9]+)\.([0-9]+)\.([0-9]+)\.([0-9]+)/);
    if (pieces == null || pieces.length != 5) {
        return undefined;
    pieces = => parseInt(piece, 10));
    return {
        major: pieces[1],
        minor: pieces[2],
        build: pieces[3],
        patch: pieces[4]

The naming of the elements in the object that is returned is based on this convention, though you can of course adapt it to be based on this instead.


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