SVG Gradient turns black when there is a BASE tag in HTML page?

I am using the Raphaël JavaScript Library to create SVG elements in an HTML page and using CodeIgniter as a PHP framework. In the CodeIgniter framework I need to add a <base> tag in the head of the HTML document to use JS,CSS and images, but it caused a strange problem in the SVG element.

When I use the <base> tag, gradients do not work. Instead, the object turns black. It behaves exactly the same with image filled path objects.



SVG Gradients are defined in the document with a unique id attribute, and then referenced from another element as a URL. Typically the URL is just the identifier fragment, e.g.:

  <linearGradient id="foo" ...>...</linearGradient>
<rect fill="url(#foo)" ... />

If you introduce a <base> element with an href attribute, you change the meaning of such URLs in the document. Instead of being computed relative to the current document, they are computed relative to the specified separate URI.


see also the following bug report:

apparently, the notion of referencing (the fill gradient or marker-end, I suspect, too) by URL is problematic for AJAX-style applications that also use history.pushState().


Your gradient definition is getting corrupted Also there are sometimes problems with Opera for certain usages of gradient filled objects


I had a similar issue - gradient is rendered all black in Chrome, but I didn't even have a <base> tag.


<stop  offset="1" style="stop-color:#F26722"/>


<stop  offset="1" stop-color="#F26722"/>

seemed to fix the issue.

Another unrelated bug was Chrome being unable to parse transform="translate(...)" on <g> elements, I had to move them into individual <path>-s.


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