onyx.DatePicker breaks in enyo.Repeater

I am not able to get a onyx.DatePicker working inside a enyo.Repeater. I set up this jsfiddle, which shows my problem. When the // in line 6 is removed, it breaks and shows

Failed to load date time format hash

in my console in Opera Dragonfly.

What is that about, and what to do, to get the onyx.DatePicker working?



Congratulations! You discovered a bug in Enyo. It turns out the onSetupItem handler in DatePicker.js isn't returning a truthy value so the event bubbles up to your Repeater. I have filed a bug (ENYO-2059) and will push a fix up afterwards.

If you want to fix it for yourself go into DatePicker.js and add 'return true;' to the end of setupYear().

As to your 'cannot load date time hash' issue, I suspect it's because you haven't included the g11n library. I'm not sure I've seen that message before but it would be a non-fatal error and Enyo will default to English.


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