How to replace multiple strings with the .replace() Method?

I want to make a content editable div in which I replace explicit words with asterisks. This is my JavaScript code:

function censorText(){
    var explicit = document.getElementById("textbox").innerHTML;
    var clean = explicit.replace(/"badtext1","cleantext1"|"badtext2","cleantext2"/);
    document.getElementById("textbox").innerHTML = clean;

Here's the HTML for my contenteditable div

<div contenteditable="true" onkeyup="censorText()" id="textbox">Hello!</div>

As you can see, I tried using a regex operator to replace multiple strings at once, but it doesn't work. It doesn't replace badtext2 with cleantext2, and it replaces badtext1 with 0. How can I make a single .replace() statement replace multiple strings?



use /.../g to indicate a global replace.

var clean = explicit.replace(/badtext1/g,"cleantext2"/).replace(/cleantext1/g,"cleantext2"/).replace(/badtext2/g,"cleantext2"/);

A generic way to handle this is as follows:

Establish a dictionary and build a regexp:

  var dictionary = { bad: 'good', worse: 'better', awful: 'wonderful'},
      regexp = RegExp ('\\b(' + Object.keys (dictionary).join ('|') + ')\\b', 'g');

The regexp is constructed from the dictionary key words (note they must not contain RegExp special characters).

Now do a replace, using a function in the place of the replacing string, the function simply return the value of the corresponding key.

  text = text.replace (regexp, function (_, word) { return dictionary[word]; });

The OP made no reference to upper/lower case. The following caters for initial and all caps and wraps the code as a function :

  function clean (text) {
    var dictionary = { bad: 'good', worse: 'better', awful: 'wonderful'},
        regexp = RegExp ('\\b(' + Object.keys (dictionary).join ('|') + ')\\b', 'ig');

    return text.replace (regexp, function (_, word) { 
      _ = dictionary[word.toLowerCase ()];
      if (/^[A-Z][a-z]/.test (word)) // initial caps
        _ = _.slice (0,1).toUpperCase () + _.slice (1);
      else if (/^[A-Z][A-Z]/.test (word)) // all caps
        _ = _.toUpperCase ();
      return _;

See the fiddle :


I think the answer from Jinzhao about covers it, but some other notes.
1) Don't use " in the RegEx
2) You can match multiple strings, but I think only replace to one value using a single RegEx. The only way I can think of to match multiple is as Jinzhao has done.

The following code snippet seems to work for me:

function censorText(){             
    var explicit = document.getElementById("textbox").innerHTML;
    var clean = explicit.replace(/bad|worse/gi,"good");
     document.getElementById("textbox").innerHTML = clean;

The other issue I'm finding is that when a replace happens, it returns the cursor to the start of the text box, which is going to get frustrating. If I find an answer to that, I'll post.


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