D3 IE8 Compatibility?

Is there any way to make D3 compatible with IE8? Many of the posts here and in the documentation suggested using aight. https://github.com/shawnbot/aight/blob/master/aight.js

However, I added the lines/file mentioned to my html, but this still doesn't work in ie8. http://matthewpiatetsky.com/jsdemo.html

Does anyone know if there are any additional steps I need to take?

Perhaps use r2d3? Not sure how to do that, but will try to figure out



D3 uses SVGs to graph and since IE8 does not support SVG it won't work.I would give R2D3 a try, it shims SVG via Raphael to be compatible with D3. There are some limitations as some functionality won't be available. Look at https://github.com/mhemesath/r2d3/ for more details


aight.js worked for me, just need to take care importing it before d3.js


Many good demos of R2D3, and Aight demos now exist.

I think that re-coding your question to demo it in one of these libraries is out-of-scope of SE, but hope you find the links useful.


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