Contenteditable text editor and cursor position

How can I (using jquery or other) insert html at the cursor/caret position of my contenteditable div:

<div contenteditable="true">Hello world</div>

For example, if the cursor/caret was between "hello" and "world" and the user then clicked a button, eg "insert image", then using javascript, something like <img src=etc etc> would be inserted between "hello" and "world". I hope I've made this clear =S

Example code would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot!



The following function will insert a DOM node (element or text node) at the cursor position in all the mainstream desktop browsers:

function insertNodeAtCursor(node) {
    var sel, range, html;
    if (window.getSelection) {
        sel = window.getSelection();
        if (sel.getRangeAt && sel.rangeCount) {
    } else if (document.selection && document.selection.createRange) {
        range = document.selection.createRange();
        html = (node.nodeType == 3) ? : node.outerHTML;

If you would rather insert an HTML string:

function insertHtmlAtCursor(html) {
    var sel, range, node;
    if (window.getSelection) {
        sel = window.getSelection();
        if (sel.getRangeAt && sel.rangeCount) {
            range = window.getSelection().getRangeAt(0);
            node = range.createContextualFragment(html);
    } else if (document.selection && document.selection.createRange) {

I've adapted this from my answer to a similar question: How to find cursor position in a contenteditable DIV?


With contenteditable you should use execCommand.

Try document.execCommand('insertImage', false, 'image.jpg') or document.execCommand('insertHTML', false, '<img src="image.jpg" alt="" />'). The second doesn't work in older IE.


in this code i have just replace html code with (") to (')

use this syntax:

$("div.second").html("your html code and replace with (")to(')  ");

I would recommend the use of the jquery plugin a-tools

This plugin has seven functions:

* getSelection – return start, end position, length of the selected text and the selected text. return start=end=caret position if text is not selected;
* replaceSelection – replace selected text with a given string;
* setSelection – select text in a given range (startPosition and endPosition);
* countCharacters – count amount of all characters;
* insertAtCaretPos – insert text at current caret position;
* setCaretPos – set cursor at caret position (1 = beginning, -1 = end);
* setMaxLength – set maximum length of input field. Also provides callback function if limit is reached. Note: The function has to have a number as input. Positive value for setting of limit and negative number for removing of limit.

The one that you need is insertAtCaretPos:

$("#textarea").insertAtCaretPos("<img src=etc etc>");

There might be a draw-back: this plugins only works with textarea en input:text elements, so there may be conflicts with contenteditable.


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