Switch threejs controls ( from TrackBall to FlyControls and vice versa)

What I am trying to achieve is to have two control modes, a free "flying" one, and an object-centered one (trackball) and with a button press seamlessly switch between them.

I initially tried with TrackBallControls and FlyControls. The problem with those two, is that TrackballControls is based on Euler angles, while FlyControls is based on Quartenions. I tried converting the camera.rotation vector to a quaternion by doing,

quaternion.setFromEuler( target ); //where target, a Vector3 that contains degrees

And setting the position manually (since they use the same position object), and while it seemed to be working, rotating the camera a bit - and switching controls, started yielding horribly wrong results. Also, grabbing Euler angles from the quaternion (setEulerFromQuaternion) resulted in wrong data.

So, while I was able to switch between them, I was never able to sync their rotation coordinates, so "on switch" while the camera position is correct the rotation is wrong.

PS. I had some results with the FirstPersonControls (euler angles as well) but the screen lat,long method it is using is very error prone and fails completely when there is Z axis rotation.



What about something like this?

function onClick() {

    var prevCamera = camera;

    camera = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera(...);
    camera.position.copy( prevCamera.position );
    camera.rotation.copy( prevCamera.rotation );

    var MODE = { TRACKBALL: 0, FLY: 1 };

    switch( mode ) {

        case MODE.FLY:

            controls = new THREE.TrackballControls( camera );

            mode = MODE.TRACKBALL;


        case MODE.TRACKBALL:

            controls = new THREE.FlyControls( camera );

            mode = MODE.FLY;




Making a new camera is the easiest way to unbind all the keyboard/mouse events that were setup with the previous controls. If you don't do this you'll have orbitcontrols events fire with fly mode on.


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