Parsing XML with namespaces using jQuery $().find

I'm trying to get the contents of a XML document element, but the element has a colon in it's name.

This line works for every element but the ones with a colon in the name:


I assume that the colon needs escaping. How do I fix this?



Use a backslash, which itself should be escaped so JavaScript doesn't eat it:


That isn't just an ordinary element name. That's a qualified name, meaning that it is a name that specifically refers to an element type within a namespace. The element type name is 'lat', and the namespace prefix is 'geo'.

Right now, jQuery can't deal with namespaces very well, see bug 155 for details.

Right now, as a workaround, you should be able to select these elements with just the local name:


If you have to distinguish between element types with the same local name, then you can use filter():

var NS = "";
$(this).find("lat").filter(function() { return this.namespaceURI == NS; }).text();

Edit: my mistake, I was under the impression that patch had already landed. Use Adam's suggestion for the selector, and filter() if you need the namespacing too:

var NS = "";
$(this).find("geo\\:lat").filter(function() { return this.namespaceURI == NS; }).text();

if you have a jquery selector problem with chrome or webkit not selecting it try


this way it works in all browsers


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