Makefile to combine js files and make a compressed version

I am trying to write a basic makefile that combines multiple js files into a single one and then does the same but compresses them.

So far I have this one that can make the compressed version fine.

# Set the source directory
srcdir = src/

# Create the list of modules
modules =   ${srcdir}core.js\

# Compress all of the modules into spark.js
spark.js: ${modules}
    java -jar yuicompressor.jar -o [email protected] $^

Does anyone know how I would go about adding an uncompressed version called spark-dev.js? I have been trying to use cat but I didn't get very far. This is my first makefile I have ever written.

EDIT I tried this code with cat

spark-dev.js: ${modules}
    cat [email protected] $^



You were almost there :-) This should work:

spark-dev.js: ${modules}
    cat > [email protected] $^

Background: The function of cat is to (try to) open all the files listed on its command line, and dump the contents to stdout. The > [email protected] syntax is understood by the shell to mean "create the file [email protected], and connect this command's stdout to it", so now we end up with the contents of $^ combined together into [email protected].


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