If element contains certain text


<div id="example">Some text</div>

How can I .addClass('test') if #example contains the word "text"?



just use :contains pseudoclass


this will add the class to #example if it contains 'text'


You can use $("#example") to get a jQuery wrapper for the element, then use text() to get its text, and use String#indexOf, e.g.:

var ex = $("#example");
if (ex.text().indexOf("text") !== -1) {

You can also use :contains("text") in the selector as F. Calderan shows, although note that when you use non-standard pseudo-selectors like that, jQuery can't use the underlying browser's built-in stuff for finding elements, so it can be slower. The above will allow jQuery to use document.getElementById. There are only a few situations where the speed really matters, though.


try the following code


Have a look here for examples and explanations of the :contains selector


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