Does ES6 import/export need “.js” extension?

I installed chrome beta - Version 60.0.3112.24 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

In chrome://flags/ I enabled 'Experimental Web Platform features' (see

I then tried:

<script type="module" src='bla/src/index.js'></script>

where index.js has a line like:

export { default as drawImage } from './drawImage';

This refer to an existing file drawImage.js

what I get in the console is error in

GET http://localhost/bla/src/drawImage 

If I change the export and add ".js" extension it works fine.

Is this a chrome bug or does ES6 demands the extension in this case ?

Also webpack builds it fine without the extension !



No, modules don't care about extensions. It just needs to be a name that resolves to a source file.

In your case, http://localhost/bla/src/drawImage is not a file while http://localhost/bla/src/drawImage.js is, so that's where there error comes from. You can either add the .js in all your import statements, or configure your server to ignore the extension, for example. Webpack does the same.


The extension is part of the filename. You have to put it in.

As a proof try this:

  • rename file to drawImage.test
  • edit index.js to contain './drawImage.test'

Reload and you'll see the extendion js or test is completely arbirary, as long as you specify it in the export.

Obviously, after the test revert to the correct/better js extension.


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