Is there a native Javascript implementation of jQuery's document.ready()?


it's internally implemented by window.onload event

then what about


what's the native javascript to implement it?



For Mozilla, Opera and webkit, jQuery binds the DOMContentLoaded event, for IE jQuery uses the onreadystatechange event.

Look the internal bindReady function on the jQuery source code.


What do you mean?

.ready() is a function jQuery wrote to handle the inconsistent way that all the browsers may report 'load complete' for the given element.

.onload() may work in X browser but not Y. This is (part) of what jQuery is for - to solve this problem for you.


Looking at the jQuery source code, there is a function called bindReady that does the native Javascript work. There are different methods for different browsers, and the fallback method if none of the specific methods work is to use the window.onload event.


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