invalid escape in pattern HTML/Javascript

I am trying to make an <input> field that uses a pattern to check if the input is a valid windows file path.

The pattern I have is

/^(?:[\w]\:|\\)(\\[a-zA-Z_\-\s0-9\.()[email protected]#$%^&=+';,{}\[\]]+)+\.(exe)$/g

However, when putting this into the pattern attribute of an <input> field:

<input id="path" type="text" pattern="^(?:[\w]\:|\)(\[a-zA-Z_\-\s0-9\.()[email protected]#$%^&=+';,{}[]]+)+\.(exe)$">

An error is displayed in the console saying:

Pattern attribute value
^(?:[\w]\:|\\)(\\[a-zA-Z_\-\s0-9\.()[email protected]#$%^&=+';,{}\[\]]+)+\.(exe)$ is
not a valid regular expression:  Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular
expression: /^(?:[\w]\:|\\)(\\[a-zA-Z_\-\s0-9\.()[email protected]#$%^&=+';,{}\[\]]+)+\.(exe)$/:
Invalid escape

I have tried several ways of writing this pattern, but none seem to work.



You only need to escape the characters in the character class that must be escaped otherwise, you will always get this error.


pattern="(?:\w:|\\)(\\[\w\s.()[email protected]#$%^&=+';,{}[\]-]+)+\.exe"

See the JSFiddle


  • The hyphen must be at the end of the character class
  • The ] inside the character class must be escaped
  • The [ and . must not be escaped
  • The : must never be esacaped, it is never a special character
  • [a-zA-Z0-9_] = \w
  • The pattern is always anchored by default, you need no ^ and $ anchors.


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