AngularJs, filter case insensitive

I've got an json full of datas with lowcase and upcase. For example :


  { "firstName":"JoHn" , "lastName":"DoE" }, 
  { "firstName":"aNnA" , "lastName":"smIth" }, 
  { "firstName":"PeTer" , "lastName":"JOnes" }


And I've got something similar to this :

Search: <input ng-model="searchText">
        <table id="searchTextResults">
          <tr ng-repeat="friend in friends | filter:searchText">

What I want to do is to search a friend without looking at upcases and lowcases. So basically when I type "John", "JOHN" or simply "john" in my input, it should return my friend John.

So is it possible to apply a case insensitive option to a filter ?



Pass a function name to filter which you define on an applicable scope, where you use string's toLowerCase. See ngFilter. The function signature is a simple function (item) { ... }.

Example JS in your controller:

$scope.filterOnlyFoo = function (item) {
    return item == "foo";

Example HTML:

<div data-ng-repeat="item in items | filter: filterOnlyFoo"></div>

Sample Plunker


There is a way to turn on case insensetive filter:

<div data-ng-repeat="item in items | filter : searchText : false"></div>



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