Simplest way to parse a Date in Javascript

I want to parse a Date chosen by user:

var ds = "11 / 08 / 2009";

I use

var d = new Date(ds);

It gives me November, 08, 2009. But what I need is August, 11, 2009.

What is the simplest way to parse the date?



There are lots of libraries and copy-and-paste javascript snippets on the net for this kind of thing, but here is one more.

function dateParse(s) {
  var parts = s.split('/');
  var d = new Date( parts[2], parts[1]-1, parts[0]);
  return d;

I have had success with DateJS. In particular, you would want to use parseExact, which allows you to provide a format string describing the meaning of each segment (so that you can map one segment to day and another to month).


Extend date to return values in your desired format.

Here is a great article on how to do so. It includes code snippets.


This article shows ways to convert date format from one to the other.


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