How to parse 20 digit number using JavaScript and jQuery

How do I parse a 20-digit number using JavaScript and jQuery?



A 20-digit number is generally too big for a JavaScript native numeric type, so you'll need to find a "big number" package to use. Here's one that I've seen mentioned on Stack Overflow and that looks interesting:

That one is just integers. If you need decimal fractions too, you'll have to find something else.

If you just want to check that a 20-digit string looks like a number, and you don't need to know the value, you can do that with a regular expression.


You can't have a 20-digit number in JavaScript - it'll get floated off on you.

You can keep 20 digits (or 200 or 2000) intact as a string, or as an array of digits, but to do any math on it you need a big integer object or library.


Normally you use Number() or parseInt("", [radix]) to parse a string into a real number.

I am guessing you are asking about what happens when the string you parse is above the int - threshold. In this case it greatly depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

There are some libraries that allow working with big numbers such as - see answer - (did not test it, but it looks OK). Also try searching for BigInt JavaScript or BigMath.

In short: working with VERY large number or exact decimals is a challenge in every programming language and often requires very specific mathematical libraries (which are less convenient and often a lot slower than when you work in "normal" (int/long) areas) - which obviously is not an issue when you REALLY want those big numbers.


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