Discord Bot Can't Get Channel by Name

I have been making a discord bot and wanted to make it send a message to a specific "Welcome" channel. Unfortunately, I have been unable to do so. I tried this.

const welcomeChannel = bot.channels.get("name", "welcome")

However in this "welcomeChannel is undefined".


I tried using

const welcomeChannel = bot.channels.get("id", "18NUMBERIDHERE")

but this is still undefined, strangely



You should use the channnel id instead of it's name.

How to get the channel id of a channel:

  1. Open up your Discord Settings

  2. Go to Appearance

  3. Tick Developer Mode (And close the Discord settings)

  4. Right click on your desired channel

  5. Now there's an option Copy ID to copy the channel id

Also checkout the discord.js documentation for (channel) collections

Furthermore your approach won't work because .get wants a channel id (see the linked documentation above). In case you REALLY want to get an channel by its name, use .find instead for that.
This is however a really bad idea in case your bot runs on more than one server since channel names can now occur multiple times.


You can also use


Your error could come from the fact that you're using bot.channels.get(), which isn't the best idea, because discord.js isn't very friendly when it comes to using .send() on multiple items.

Instead, try to use member.guild.channels.find("name", "channel").send();, if possible. If this is in the client.on("message"), then simply use message.member.channels.find("name", "channel").send();

Sidenote: My memory is mixed up, so if that doesn't work, try .get() instead of find.


I tried a lot with the same error, and that's how I fixed it. I used client as my Client().



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